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Commercial Debt Recovery You Can Count On

Your company relies on cash-flow, and in these uncertain times, having a bad debt can make the difference between success and failure of your business. Each year over 10,000 business fail due to cash flow alone, and even larger companies can be put under pressure by bad debts.

You may well have an existing credit control service, or have a solicitor who you use for such situations, but ask yourself this, are you throwing money at bad debts? Why should you have to pay to recover money which is owed to you? Why should you share the outstanding debt with debt collectors?

Stripes Solicitors offer a service to businesses in the UK, giving you a unique chance to recover your debts without spending vast sums to do so. Our service is unique, and results driven.

Our department has over 30 years experience of commercial debt recovery, claiming back debt on behalf of our clients. Stripes solicitors are a Legal 500 company, showing that we are amongst the most experienced firms in the UK, recognised by our peers as the elite.

Our team have recovered debts for the largest of FTSE listed companies, through to owner managed or sole trader. No debt is too large to collect, no company too small to get one to one treatment.

Our Approach

Send us details of your debtors and we will reply within 48 hours, giving you our recommendation of the best route to take. We will suggest either High Court or County Court, Money Claim or Insolvency jurisdiction, Fixed Fee or Fee Free, depending on our assessment of the case. The risk assessment is completely FREE.

Once you instruct us to proceed, we will tenaciously pursue your claim, keeping you updated at every step, and will get you paid as soon as possible. We are aware of the need to be balanced in our approach to preserve customer relationships, but balanced with the need to get your debt paid quickly. We can tailor our approach to suit your needs, while advising you on the impact this will have on collections.

Defended Actions

We are supported by a market leading Commercial Litigation department. To whom we refer all defended matters. For more information on this department click here.

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What Clients Say

Originally we placed our case to recoup losses from a Builder who claimed that they had run out of finance and were unable to complete the contract we had to self fund the completion of the work.

We approached a Solicitor’s practice and they advised that after many months are investigation they felt that the builder could not repay the amount. We approached Stripes and they offered a no win no fee approached and we accepted.

Immediately they began proceedings against the Builder and they Court accepted the Claim and the Builder agreed to pay off the debt. Since then we have had a full settlement which Stripes concluded on our behalf.

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