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Chief Executive of the Law Society, England and Wales, speaks on Brexit

Posted by Lynne on June 29th 2016
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Catherine Dixon, chief executive of the Law Society of England and Wales, said yesterday, changes to key laws in the wake of Brexit could take years to accomplish and pledged the Law Society would work with the solicitor profession, their clients, the public and with government to support a calm transition in the wake of […]

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Signing a Will in the correct way

Posted by Andrew Stripe on September 13th 2012

     Decisions on the formalities of the execution of  a Will usually turn on whether the witnesses were jointly  present when the testator signed or his /her signature acknowledged in the rather unusual case of Barrett v Bern . The point in issue was whether the Will was signed  by the testator  for the […]

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Onerous duties of an Executor

Posted by Paul Hirst on August 15th 2012
(Personal, Tax and Trust, wills)

  The duty of an Executor is to ascertain details of assets and liabilities of the estate and of any gifts made by the deceased. The difficulty is being certain that you have taken reasonable care to find these details. HM Revenue and Customs  says  this  in it’s Inheritance Tax customer Guide:- ‘How do I […]

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Wrong Will signed by Testators

Posted by Andrew Stripe on August 14th 2012

  In a recent case Marley v Rawlings the facts were Mr and Mrs Rawlings each left the other their entire estate but if the spouse failed to survive the whole estate was left to Terry Marley who was treated as their adopted  son. The Rawlings had 2 natural children but were not close to […]

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Wills and Probate – Estate Administration

Posted by Andrew Stripe on August 8th 2012

When someone dies without a Will they are said to have died intestate . In this situation the estate will pass according to rules which have been put together over the years based on what it would be considered reasonable for people to inherit in certain situations. Although English law is different to all other […]

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Wills and Probate – wrongful distribution of estate

Posted by Andrew Stripe on August 6th 2012

Wrongful distribution of estate In a recently reported case the deceased made a will leaving her estate of £61000 to her niece. Unfortunately the will was invalid resulting in an intestacy. In October 1998 through solicitors the niece asserted that independent of the Will she was entitled to either the whole of the estate by […]

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Wills and Probate – Determining the beneficial interest where property is held in co-ownership

Posted by Andrew Stripe on August 1st 2012

In relation to land there may be difficulties in establishing the extent of the deceased’s interest.There are various principles which may apply but the answer in any particular case will depend on the particular facts. Declaration conclusive A declaration as to the extent of a person’s interest is normally conclusive.Unfortunately there are still cases where […]

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Will Writing and Charities

Posted by Paul Hirst on July 18th 2012
(Personal, Tax and Trust)

Charitable Legacies These are an invaluable source of income for many of the UK’s best loved charities generating almost £2billion a year for the sector. Yet while 74% of the UK population regularly support charities only 7% currently leave a legacy in their Will to them. If this figure was increased by just 4% Charities […]

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31 Jan
More Insolvencies expected to follow Carillion’s demise

The effect of the collapse of Carillion, the Goliath construction company which won the Government’s HS2 Project, and which also managed infrastructure schemes, military contracts, hospitals and schools leaves shockwaves in the construction industry which are yet to settle. The enormity of its demise is all too clear; Carillion employed approximately 20,000 and it is […]

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