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Industrial Disease Claims

Our personal injury solicitors work on a no-win, no-fee basis with asbestos- related and mesothelioma industrial disease claims.

Although workplace legislation is considerably tighter than it once was, many thousands of people annually still develop an illness or disease caused by exposure to something at work.

Many of these cases are a legacy of a time when precautions and regulations were nowhere near the standard they are now. But even today some employers fail to ensure that their employees are sufficiently protected from exposure to chemicals, fumes, dust and vibration, for example.

Some of the conditions which commonly result from exposure in the workplace include:

If you suspect you may have a condition caused by your work, you should seek advice from your doctor immediately. If the doctor confirms that your condition is likely to have been caused by your work, you could be entitled to compensation as well as state benefits.

You only have three years to claim from your date of knowledge.

Stripes’ team of Manchester lawyers provide a free initial consultation to give you a clear appraisal of your particular situation. We’ll be happy to see you at home or in hospital if you prefer.

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