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Industrial Deafness Claims

Do I have Industrial Deafness?

If the answer to all or any of the above is yes, you might be suffering from Industrial Deafness, Occupational Deafness, or noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) as it is sometimes referred to, entitling you to a claim for compensation.

What is Industrial Deafness?

Industrial Deafness is a recognised condition amongst people who have been exposed to excessive levels of noise in a working environment. This can be in the form of prolonged exposure; for example working long periods of time with machinery emitting continuous loud noise, or more shorter periods of exposure where noise levels are more intense.

Industrial Deafness can also be accompanied with Tinnitus , another side-effect synonymous with working in a noisy environment.

Employers need to protect employees from Industrial Deafness

The problem is made worse by employers failing to provide adequate or no hearing protection. Although Health and Safety rules are more stringent today, this was not always the case, leaving many people with lasting damage to their hearing.

Recent research into Industrial Deafness has found:

What to do if you have Industrial Deafness?

Stripes Solicitors’ has an expert Industrial Deafness team. Solicitors have both legal and medical knowledge with many years experience providing advice on Industrial Deafness and helping clients achieve successful claims to compensate them for this debilitating condition.

If you believe you maybe suffering from Industrial Deafness and want to speak to our specialist team regarding a claim, please call us today.

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