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High net worth divorce involves complex and contentious matters including businesses, tax implications, pensions, property division, trusts, child and spousal maintenance.

Obtaining specialist legal advice early on in the divorce process helps clients focus on the important aspects and assists in alleviating the stress and uncertainty of what may lie ahead.

Each case is handled with the upmost empathy, respect and discretion.

We combine commercial and technical skill to clearly identify our clients’ short and long term objectives alongside strategic and practical advice to achieve a timely and effective divorce settlement which protects the value of our clients’ assets and investments.

High net-worth divorces are often more complex than conventional divorce cases and require an advanced approach in property valuations and division.  In some cases individuals, faced with a potential divorce, may attempt to avoid accurate valuation of assets and may also try to hide their net worth through means of offshore accounts and tax shelters.

In cases where concealment and avoidance are evident, we will work closely with forensic accountants for the purpose of valuing a company, protecting assets and determining hidden assets.  As a full spectrum specialist litigation firm, we have the advantage of expert lawyers on hand to assist with and advise on other legal affairs that may arise from a divorce case.

In most cases the resolution of contested issues is encouraged and with our guidance and representation many clients are able to reach a settlement through a Mediation or Arbitration process.

However, there are cases which cannot be settled and where initiating Court Proceedings is in our client’s best interest.  In such circumstances, we will advise you when it is best to litigate in Court and when it is best to settle out of Court.  If litigation is the right option, we will assist you through Trial and will adopt an appropriately assertive and contentious stance whilst maintaining the objective of settlement.

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We provide a free initial consultation to clients who may be facing an imminent divorce.  Our clients have found this an invaluable service particularly where there are concerns around children and where there are anxieties over the immediate financial support.

For more information about our high net worth divorce services please call us on 0161 832 5000 or contact us online.

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