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The Employment Law department continues to be recommended in the 2018/9 edition of the Legal 500. Andrew Stripe and David Gallagher are recommended as leading lawyers within this specialised discipline.

Our Employment Law solicitors provide advice on all aspects of the employment relationship and offer a proactive service to provide clear commercial advice to a wide range of businesses and senior executives.

Our Employment Law areas of expertise:

Work from our Manchester employment lawyers include:

Fee Transparency for Employers

We offer a range of packages and payment options to meet your employment needs and to progress your matter.

From the outset we work with you to plan an individual fee structure which not only suits your requirements and budget but also ensures you have complete clarity and cost transparency.

We have set out some guidance below on funding option and likely fee estimates.

Fixed Fees

Fixed Fees allow you to be in control of your legal spend. 

Clients know what is going to be delivered and for what price.  The amount you pay will be set out when we start and you will have complete peace of mind that you will not pay anything more.

If it is not possible to provide a fixed fee then we will offer you a clear estimate of the amount of work involved and the likely costs based on an hourly rate, so you can budget accordingly.

Our fixed fees can usually set for an initial consultation and an advice package.

An advice package for employers can take between 1-2 hours either by way of a meeting or by a telephone call for tasks;

£250 – £500 plus VAT

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are often applicable where the amount of work is unknown. 

Hourly rates afford you a great deal of flexibility and control, you can set a limit on the amount of work you would like us to undertake.

Hourly rates £150 – £285 plus VAT.  Fees vary in value subject to the complexity of the case and the seniority of the lawyer.


Our retainer arrangement allows you to buy hours of time in advance at a discounted hourly rate. 

Often clients find this option invaluable as it offers clients the flexibility  to ask for specialist legal advice as and when an employment issue arises at the work place throughout the year and you have peace of mind you remain in control of your budget.

Our packages are variable; the first package is for 5 hours for £1250 and then the option to take blocks of 3-5 hours thereafter.

£750 – £1,250 plus VAT

Bespoke Package

Depending on the advice needed, we can tailor a bespoke package whereby combing the above options to suit your individual requirements


"Always quick to respond and gives clear and actionable advice."

Legal 500, 2018/9

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