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An alternative to the Letter Before Action letter is the Late Payment Demand letter, this is a preferred option for the majority of our clients.

The Late Payment Demand Letter allows you to claim Statutory Late Payment Interest (8.5% above base) and Compensation and to recover our reasonable debt collection costs providing your claim meets the following criteria;


  • Both parties were acting in the course of business
  • The debts are not consumer related
  • There are no other types of Late Payment Interest in your terms and conditions.


If you meet the above criteria, we will calculate the sums we can claim for on your behalf by way of Late Payment Interest (currently 8.5% pa) or Compensation (70 to 100 per invoice).

If you are not eligible to send a Late Payment Demand you can still send a Letter Before Action.

Instruct Us

As with all the steps in the Stripes legal recovery process, you will be in control of what happens next.  You can make those decisions and issue your instructions including any supporting documentation by using one of the following methods;

  • Phone to discuss any queries and or to instruct us on 0161 832 5000
  • Use the ‘Get Started’ form at the bottom of this page
  • Fax: 0161 832 5050

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Stripes are technically astute and are often several steps ahead of the opposition and able to advise us as to what the opposition will do next.

Andrew Stripe rolls up his sleeves and gets involved with all cases we place with Stripes whether litigated or undisputed even though many cases may be conducted by other fee earners in his team.

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