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Posted by Andrew Stripe on July 8th 2011
(Deal Lab, Investment Opportunities)

Investment: From £250,000+

Location: Buckinghamshire

An MBO of the UK operations of an American corporation that had developed an IT and software solution for the retail and related markets. The company has a number of high profile customers through marketing the successful packages created by the American vendor. The Company was Microsoft retail partner of the year 2010/11 and has been a Gold Certified Partner since 2004.

Despite an annual turnover of £2.6 million, cash flow is stretched significantly on a regular basis, as the average cost of an installation, including additional services, is £550,000. This has been exacerbated with the delivery of a significant contract being delayed, resulting in a sudden, short term loss of revenue, hence this opportunity. With the right level of working capital, there is considerable scope to develop expand the business.

The director/shareholders are looking for an equity investor to support the business and help them maximise the opportunity. They are prepared to offer a significant equity stake to the right person. Whilst active involvement is desirable, it is not essential.

Ref: JO11 140

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