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Fine Foods

Posted by Andrew Stripe on July 8th 2011
(Deal Lab, Investment Opportunities)

Investment: £200,000+

A well-established specialist UK manufacturing food business. The company operates in the very lucrative cooked meats market and covers the ingredient, food service and retail sectors. They are currently on target for £6 million turnover and a net profit approaching £200,000 (having achieved over £8.5 million prior to a rationalisation process).

The business is currently running ahead of budget in sales, gross and net profit. The first fourteen weeks of NewCo trading produced £1.526 million turnover, £573,000 gross profit (37.6%) and a net profit of £66,000 (4.3%). This has been achieved despite a lack of working capital and additional one-off costs. The asset register shows over £900,000 in unencumbered assets including recently purchased machinery. The budget shows a conservative growth over three years to £7.5 million, with a net profit of £1.26 million. The directors are confident of their ability to grow the business to £20 million+ and achieve a trade sale in 3/5 years.

Ref: JO11 130

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