Investment: £250,000+

The Company has developed and is marketing the world’s first intelligent evacuation system combining leading edge LED (Light Emitting Diode) Technology with situation sensitive and real time reactive proprietary software. This technology responds to changing information from sensors throughout any building, to provide a continually updated illuminated pathing for safest choice egress from any type of building structure.

The marketplace has huge potential and, globally, can be measured in £billions. On the most modest assumptions, the anticipated scalability of the business will show net profits of approximately £3million after Year 3, although it is anticipated that the business will be sold in the short to medium term as negotiations with potential buyers, large multi-nationals and private equity companies are already under way.

The business is technically driven and protected by a number of patents relating to the life safety product range, ensuring major advantages within the sector.

Early sale to large multi-national or private equity company is anticipated. The global downturn has slowed the pace of exploiting the market, and our client, having thought they were fully funded, now has an urgent need to add the final piece of funding. To this end, an investor who is prepared to assist with the process and help develop the business model to reach an early exit would be ideal.

Ref: JO11 160