Charitable Legacies
These are an invaluable source of income for many of the UK’s best loved charities generating almost £2billion a year for the sector.
Yet while 74% of the UK population regularly support charities only 7% currently leave a legacy in their Will to them.
If this figure was increased by just 4% Charities could raise an additional £1billion a year for good causes.
Charities are anxious to make legacy giving in Wills a social norm a social norm .Partnerships are an important area and solicitors and Will writing organisations like Consumer Care can play a key part in increasing the number of charitable gifts by mentioning this to you when discussing your Will requirements with you.
Charities are continuing to develop strategic partnerships to help raise the profile of charitable legacies.
Following the launch of the new inheritance tax incentive in April which encourages people to leave 10 per cent of their estate to Charity Charities are continuing to work with the government around new ways of increasing the incidence of gifts in Wills.
Charities can always be included in your Will as long stop beneficiaries should all your list of family or friends who are beneficiaries die before you even if you are not a regular supporter of Charities during in your lifetime.