Seminars & Webinars

Seminars & Webinars

Throughout the year Stripes hold seminars, webinars and events including training programmes.

Our aim always is to keep our clients informed of any new developments within the law for which may have an immediate impact on businesses or particular sectors of the market.

Many of our seminars focus on business development and restructuring, with an emphasis on streamlining contracts, health & safety issues to avoid any potential disputes or negligence in the future.

Perhaps one of our most popular presentations is ‘Business Briefs’ .Leading specialists and experts within their professions talk on profit based enhancement concepts and part with their considerable knowledge and experience in a question and answer opportunity. These seminars and events are always in high demand and our clients find them particularly informative and enlightening.

The ‘join us for refreshments’ after the seminar or event also very popular! And an opportunity to socialise and meet with our speakers and chat with our barristers and solicitors on a less formal basis.

If you wish to attend any of our seminars/events, contact Lynne Manners 0161 832 5000 to reserve a place or complete the form.